Orangutan Flings Possum in Riveting Display of Primal Instinct at Perth Zoo


In a vivid display of raw animal nature, onlookers at Perth Zoo were astounded to see an orangutan fling a possum out of its habitat. The heightened drama was captured on video, a stark reminder that the carefully fabricated zoo environments are but a veneer for the inherent wildlife instincts.

The harrowing incident originated from the subtle actions of the agile primate as it pursued the marsupial to an elevated perch, prodding it cautiously with a twig. Once its curiosity was quenched, the orangutan propelled the possum across the enclosure in a frisbee-like motion, prompting horrified exclamations from the crowd.

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Witnesses reacting online compared the orangutan’s forceful gesture to an Olympic-level discus throw. Many viewers remarked on the seemingly personal nature of the act, expressing both amusement and shock at the precarious life-and-death scenario.

However, the tenacious Aussie native recovered unscathed, Perth Zoo later confirmed. “The robust possum was later sighted scurrying off after being ejected,” said a representative from the Perth Zoo.

They explained that orangutans and possums, who both dwell at height, often share overhead spaces in the outdoor enclosure. The unexpected encounter with an unfamiliar tenant had startled the orangutan, resulting in the dramatic expulsion of the possum.

Possums, though native to Australia, have garnered an unfavorable reputation due to their pest status in neighboring New Zealand, where both human and animal inhabitants have been known to treat these furry creatures harshly.

In 2010, a rural school in Manawatū landed in hot water with the SPCA when they organised a possum-throwing contest, where children were encouraged to fling dead possums and compete for the longest throw. The action drew wide criticism, although it did not contravene any laws.

A decade later, a video surface exhibited a deceased possum arranged in a weightlifting pose on a countryside road. The SPCA released a statement expressing concern over the degrading portrayal of the possum and the potential negative implications for animal respect and empathy. Thus, the possum’s predicament- between the orangutan’s toss and the disturbing late-night roadside shenanigans- serves as a poignant reminder of the convoluted relations between humans, pests, and wildlife.