Optus Restructure Anticipates Adelaide Call Centre Redundancies


Optus, Australia’s second-largest telecommunications network, has confirmed its intention to “simplify” its business operations, a move that will inevitably lead to redundancies among its Adelaide-based call centre staff. The company has reassured some impacted employees of the potential for internal redeployment, even though the exact number of redundancies has yet to be disclosed.

A spokesperson from Optus described the redundancy decision as challenging, yet a necessary measure to strengthen the company, stating, “Optus continually evaluates our organisational structure to ensure it is the right one for meeting our customers’ needs.We have recently undertaken a review and taken steps to simplify our business while still investing in those areas we know matter to our customers. As part of this review, we are realigning teams which will impact some roles across our business.”

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Rumours circling the telecom industry propose more than 100 call centre jobs will be lost – although Optus has not confirmed this figure. Those affected can take some solace in the company’s commitment to maintain an “onshore footprint” within Australia, despite some of its call centre load being managed offshore.

This move by Optus is symbolic of a sweeping industry-wide trend of companies looking to streamline their businesses, constantly evaluating and reviewing operational systems to meet customer needs and bolster their positions in the competitive market. This restructuring is usually accompanied by technological updates that aim to provide improved services to consumers.

Throughout this transitional period, Optus assures its commitment towards its valued customers, promising to continue to invest in those sectors that are most important to them, even as it navigates through this challenging metamorphosis.