Oprah will be at College Beaubois today visiting teacher Valerie Kamel


During the Sunday night performance at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Oprah called on teacher Valerie Kamel to come up on stage.  After a heart felt hug and words of wisdom shared by both, Oprah promised to visit Valerie and her students the next day.

“I wouldn’t want to disrupt students in exams,” Oprah said.

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“It is a lesson that exams are not everything,” Valerie negotiated with the icon.

Oprah then stated that she would see the star struck Valerie the next day. 

While everyone in the audience wished they were Valerie, one of the lessons of the night was that it took hard work, dedication and a belief in yourself to achieved success.

Valerie has quoted to her students at College Beaubois in Pierrefonds, lessons she has learned on Oprah.  Her students took to social media in hopes of getting Oprah to meet with their teacher.  It worked!!

Today will be a day never forgotten by the whole city!

Oprah to visit West Island school Valerie Kamel