Oprah makes West Island dreams come true visiting Pierrefonds school Monday



Photo: College Beaubois Facebook

Oprah Winfrey made good on her promise to visit College Beaubois in Pierrefonds after Valerie Kamel was called up on stage during her “Your Path Made Clear” tour stop in Montreal this past Sunday.

Kamel’s students had prepared a video that caught Oprah’s eye on social media. Kamel stated that she often uses Oprah’s words of wisdom in her class lessons, most especially those about spreading kindness.  While the social media reach may have set the stage, Kamel has a life-sized cut-out of the icon next to her chalkboard.  That is dedication!

” It could not have happened to a more deserving soul,”said Rosa Pagano-Gualtieri, a dear friend of Kamel. “Valerie is one of a kind.  When she meets someone, that’s it, you are important and she will remember you forever.”

Photo: College Beaubois Facebook

During the Sunday show, Kamel was very happy and was jumping up in happiness at the chance to meet Oprah.

Oprah showed up at College Beaubois on Monday morning despite the students exam schedule that Kamel felt was an incredible reason to disrupt the exam season.

Much like at the Bell Centre the night before, Oprah opened the morning in French with “Bonjour”.  And yet no “hi”! Just kidding.

Kamel used the Instagram handle “Oprah_tunity” which is likely to become a coined phrased by the Oprah herself.

Here is the famous night when Kamel meets Oprah


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