Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer to Unveil Fall COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Amid Rising Infections


This week, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Kieran Moore, is poised to reveal a ‘COVID-19 Fall Preparedness Plan’ in response to a recent surge in infections within the province. The Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Sylvia Jones, alluded to this schedule during a Wednesday press briefing. She indicated that Moore’s forthcoming plan will deliver explicit updates on effective and feasible strategies geared towards mitigating the virus’s spread.

Jones remained quiet on the specific timing for this imminent announcement — exciting much anticipation.

Despite a reduction in COVID-19 markers to the lowest levels recorded this year in both Ontario and Canada at large, health officials are expressing concern. The cause — a climbing number of infections and associated hospitalizations over the past several months.

Recent data from Public Health Ontario, ending September 2nd, pinpoints the province’s positivity rate at 12 per cent. This statistic stems from nearly 14,000 tests conducted in the last week. Additionally, the week prior witnessed over 1,500 new COVID-19 cases.

As the season conducive to respiratory infections looms near, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is exhorting citizens to take up COVID-19 vaccination or booster shots. Such preventative health measures, they suggest, will amplify individual resistance to the virus during the fall and winter months and alleviate possible stress on the healthcare system.

Moderna’s latest vaccine has recently won approval from Health Canada for use in all Canadians over six months of age. This novel vaccine targets the freshest Omicron subvariant, XBB.1.5, along with its antecedents.

In response to queries concerning the Ontario government’s efforts to encourage greater uptake of COVID-19 vaccines, Jones reiterated their consistent commitment to educating and informing the public.


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