Ontario Woman Faces Charges for Illicit Sales of Cannabis, Mushrooms, Unmarked Cigarettes


A 49-year-old woman, hailing from the northern province of Ontario, has been booked under charges related to the illicit vending of cannabis, magic mushrooms, and unmarked cigarettes. These charges stem from a recent law enforcement operation undertaken within the premises of a business located in the Sables-Spanish Rivers Township, as reported by the local police officials.

The operation was jointly executed by members of the community street crime unit and officers from the Manitoulin detachment. A search of a business place on Sable Street East in the Massey vicinity, situated along Highway 17, was carried out immediately past noon on September 14, as revealed by the Ontario Provincial Police.

In their statement, the Ontario Provincial Police said, “Police identified and confiscated cannabis, psilocybin, in conjunction with unmarked cigarettes.”

The Ontario woman finds herself up against numerous charges, which include illicit selling and possession of cannabis with an intention to further distribute it, possession of a Schedule III substance with an intent for trafficking, vending unmarked cigarettes, maintaining a stock of unmarked cigarettes, and possession of property with involvement in crime.

Upon facing a bail hearing on the past Friday, she was granted release. Her courtroom appearance is slated for October 3 in Espanola court.

As of the current standing, the charges directed towards the woman are unproven allegations in the court of law.


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