Ontario Welcomes New Millionaire, Unclaimed Gold Ball $32m Prize Beckons


There’s a new millionaire in Ontario after Saturday’s Lotto 6/49 draw. This fortunate player will kick the day off to a fantastic start, discovering they’re now richer by a cool million dollars, sole courtesy of one lucky ticket and the peculiar, yet auspicious white ball number: 41232774-01. The Gold Ball prize, offering an enticing $30 million, remains untouched, ready to be claimed by whoever is fortunate enough to match the number in the next contest.

Everyone loves a good underdog tale. As such, another lottery participant, somewhere in Western Canada, is set to discover that they’re the champions of the day. Not even they might’ve dreamt what destiny had tucked away in their unassuming, yet ticket to fortune. Lotto 6/49 Classic winning numbers: 11, 17, 21, 27, 41, 44, and bonus number 07, now represent a happy and unexpected windfall of five-million dollars. Indeed, a pleasantly hefty sum to usher in the new week.

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However, this lottery draw didn’t create just two big winners. It played host to the creation of multiple winners, spruced and scattered all across Canada, each gleaming in their little shares of luck and serendipity. Six deft players, with their matching precision of five out of six winning numbers, along with the bonus number, will split the Lotto 6/49 Classic’s second prize. This aligns the stars in their favour and swells their accounts by a notable $31,082.60 each. A geographic breakdown of this lucky cluster includes one winner in Richmond, British Columbia, two in Western Canada, a couple in Ontario, and one celebrant hailing from Quebec.

Adding to this province’s particularly gleaming line of winners is one British Columbian, who will soon realize that their decision to gamble was not in vain. Their Classic Draw Extra ticket, carrying the winning numbers of 26, 32, 36, and 59, is now equivalent to a rewarding half-a-million bucks. This ticket had been sold in Parksville-Qualicum, but its owner remains unaware of their new hearty windfall. Despite the flurry of winning numbers, the Encore prize, with its promise of a million dollars, awaits its lucky winner.

In light of the past weekend’s unclaimed jackpot, the Gold Ball lottery total has catapulted to a whopping $32 million. The much-anticipated next draw beckons on Wednesday, April 17, waiting to change fortunes and make dreams come true. Until then, the holders of the cards of destiny, the lucky lottery ticket owners, can only anticipate the stroke of midnight and the roll of lady luck’s dice.

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