Ontario Suspend the Use of AstraZeneca as the First Dose- Quebec has no Similar Plans


Ontario on Tuesday announced that it suspends the use of AstraZeneca for the first doses- Quebec has no such plans. Ontario cited the recently released data around rare blood clots.

Quebec currently has no dose of AstraZeneca left, but on paper, the vaccine is still available for people aged 45 and above. In Ontario, they have roughly 50, 000 doses in store, but they have decided not to administer to anyone as their first shot.

The federal vaccine procurement center has revealed that about 655, 000 doses of AstraZeneca are on the way and will arrive in the next week and another 1, 000, 000 doses in June.

Canada is still in talks with the United States to get more doses of AstraZeneca. A common idea among authorities in Canada is to administer a different vaccine to those who received AstraZeneca as their first’s dose-in cases that the vaccine is no longer in use or it dries up.

Quebec still awaits more scientific studies. Robert Maranda, the Ministry of Health spokesperson, says that the second dose won’t be postponed when AstraZeneca is in use and available.

In Quebec, the second dose is administered four months after the first one. Maranda insists that if there are issues in the shipment of AstraZeneca, then the vaccination can be completed using a different vaccine but of the same type.


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