Ontario Student Receives Books Instead of MacBook in $1,674 Online Order Mix-up


Commencing her freshman year at an Ontario university, a student was taken aback when an online order she placed for a new laptop ended up being filled with books instead of the coveted MacBook Air she’d envisaged.

“There’s a serial number on the package, so presumably someone intercepted it, expertly substituted the laptop with two identically sized and weighed books, and carefully repackaged it to deceive the customer,” the baffled student, Mahi Mankad from Brampton, detailed.

Shelling out $1,674 for the state-of-the-art Apple MacBook Air, Mankad and her family found themselves caught in corporate crossfire when they attempted to report the incident to both Apple and FedEx, the company responsible for the delivery.

In anticipation of her academic journey, Mankad had been excited to start classes equipped with her new laptop. But the unexpected twist left her grappling with the uncertainty of when she would get the desired tech.

Her father, Hardick Mankad, was equally stupefied when he discovered that the laptop box was brimming not with tech, but copies of ‘The Art and Making of The Greatest Showman.’ The books mimicked the MacBook’s size and weight so precisely that it was easy to mistake one for the other.

Although it’s indeterminate as to when the peculiar exchange between the MacBook and the books transpired, Hardick Mankad is convinced it took place after speaking with Apple and FedEx. “Yes, we did receive the package,” he confirmed, “but I assure you the contents differ. It’s bereft of a laptop and instead houses two copies of a book. The package seemed to have been interfered with – there was no seal, the tape was missing.”

Drained by the incessant to and fro with both companies, Hardick Mankad felt compelled to take the matter up with media. However, following an in-depth investigation, the family was eventually granted a full refund, thanks to coordinated efforts between FedEx and Apple.

In regards to the incident, a FedEx spokesperson maintained, “Delivering a reliable and superior customer experience is our utmost priority. In the unfortunate event where discrepancies are found with package contents, we tirelessly strive to understand the cause and rectify the situation swiftly.”

The family, although reimbursed for their expenditure of $1,674, have decided for future electronic purchases, a physical store would be their first choice rather than risking another e-commerce debacle.

The family had previously signed for the package, acknowledging it was received in good condition. This is a stern reminder for customers to vigilantly check contents before affirming receipt, especially when the transactions involve high ticket items.


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