Ontario Premier Doug Ford Releases A Three-step Plan For Reopening The Province


The premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, held a conference on Thursday during which he presented a three-step plan that will see outdoor and indoor activities and sectors reopen in the next few months. The premier told the public that golf courses and tennis courts will reopen as early as May 22. Outdoor limits for social gatherings and organized public events will also be expanded during this weekend. Up to five people will be allowed to use some amenities on Saturday. These amenities include driving ranges, soccer and other sports fields, tennis and basketball courts, and skate parks.

Still, no outdoor sports or recreational classes are allowed yet.

Below you can see the premier’s plan in detail, with all activities listed.

Step 1 will allow the following activities:

  • Outdoor gatherings for up to 10 people
  • Outdoor dining for up to 4 people per table
  • Non-essential retail at 15 percent
  • Outdoor religious services, rites, and ceremonies with capacity limited to permit two meters of physical distancing
  • Outdoor sports, training, and personal training for up to 10 people
  • Day camps
  • Campsites and campgrounds
  • Ontario parks
  • Outdoor horse racing and motor speedways
  • Outdoor pools, splash pads, and wading pools

Step 2 will allow the following activities:

  • Larger outdoor gatherings for up to 25 people
  • Small indoor gatherings for up to five people
  • Outdoor dining for up to six people per table
  • Essential retail at 50 percent capacity
  • Non-essential retail capacity at 25 percent
  • Personal care services where face coverings can be worn at all times
  • Outdoor meeting and event spaces
  • Outdoor amusement and water parks
  • Outdoor boat tour operators
  • Outdoor county fairs and rural exhibitions
  • Outdoor sports leagues and events
  • Outdoor cinemas, performing arts, live music, events and attractions

Step 3 will allow the following activities:

  • Larger indoor and outdoor gatherings (the province did not specify a limit)
  • Essential and non-essential retail, but with limited capacity
  • Larger indoor religious services, rites, and ceremony gatherings
  • Indoor meeting and event spaces
  • Indoor sports and recreational facilities
  • Indoor seated events
  • Indoor attractions and cultural amenities
  • Casino and bingo halls
  • Other outdoor activities from Step 3 will be permitted to operate indoors


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