Ontario Man Strikes Lottery Lightning Twice with $100,000 Wins


Lightning has been scientifically proven to strike the same spot twice, but Michel Goyette, a resident of Rockland, Ontario, appears to be beating those odds. He hasn’t merely done the improbable but has stumbled upon quite an unbeatable run of luck, bagging his second considerable lottery win within a slim window of just four years.

Announced on Wednesday, Goyette hit the jackpot of $100,000, the largest sum available on the Instant Hot Slot Multiplier scratch-off ticket. Astonishingly, this jaw-dropping victory is not Goyette’s first brush with fate. The man appears to have a golden touch – barely a year ago, in October 2020, he netted the same amount from an Instant Sizzling 5’s scratch-off.

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Recounting his immense disbelief at his repeating victory, Goyette shared, “I was halfway through my ticket when I realised I’d won big. ‘This can’t be happening again. Surely not,’ I told myself.” He confessed his astonishment later that day at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG) Prize Centre in Toronto, where he’d gone to cash in his astronomical winnings. “How lucky am I?” Goyette wondered aloud.

Revelations of such magnitude are difficult to digest even for those closest to us, as Goyette experienced. He recollected his wife’s initial incredulity upon hearing the good news but stated that he aims to invest his winnings wisely, setting most of it aside for his pension and clearing his debts. Goyette also dreams of a grand celebration to commemorate his 70th birthday.

With a chuckle and a shake of his head, Goyette expressed his awe, “I still can’t believe I cracked the lottery not just once, but twice.”

For those curious about Goyette’s winning streak, the Instant Hot Slot Multiplier is a $5 scratch-off ticket with a lofty top prize of $100,000. The OLG states that the odds of clinching such a prize are a staggering one in 448,800. Goyette’s fortuitous ticket was bought at Rehan’s Your Independent Grocer on Laurier Street in his hometown of Rockland.

This locality is nestled about 40 kilometers east of downtown Ottawa. Truly, this sleepy town has woken up to quite an exciting piece of news, one that reasserts the old saying – lightning indeed can strike the same place twice, or in Michel Goyette’s unbelievable case, even the scratch-off lottery.