Ontario Man Strikes Gold, Wins $526,698 in HSN Healthcare Lottery


In an electrifying twist of fate, Allen Clark of Kagawong, Ontario, woke up to the news that his life was about to change. The loyal supporter of Health Sciences North (HSN) lottery had become the astoundingly fortunate winner of May’s 50/50 take-home jackpot, a cool $526,698 windfall.

Picking up his phone, Clark initially didn’t believe his ears. He narrated his bewilderment, sharing, “I thought it was a hoax. I had to convince my family to double-check, ensuring it wasn’t some elaborate scam.” Moreover, the magnitude of the news made him abandon breakfast preparations. “On hearing this, I immediately switched my stove off, believing it was a day for celebrating outside with a hearty breakfast.”

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The disbelief was not unfounded. Maintaining a regular routine of buying lottery tickets with his partner Joanne over the years, their motive was primarily to back regional healthcare initiatives. However, this benevolent act did not stop them from daydreaming about striking it rich one day with HSN’s 50/50—which was exactly what had happened with the purchase of ticket number AV-70124738.

Proceeds from this charitable endeavor strengthen the foundations of multiple organizations – The Health Sciences North Foundation, NEO Kids Foundation, Northern Cancer Foundation, and the HSN Volunteer Association. “To be in a position to help and further win this significant amount is nothing short of overwhelming,” beamed Clark, his happiness reflecting in his words.

The Kagawong resident has already begun envisioning the potential offerings his windfall can provide. Allen regaled, “I’ve been on the lookout for a new pontoon boat since my old one needs a bit of a makeover. Haven’t found the perfect one so far but my budget just escalated exponentially.”

Anthony Keating, President and Chief Development Officer of Foundations and Volunteer Groups at HSN, relayed his congratulatory words for the lucky winner. Keating conveyed, “How absolutely thrilling for Allen and his family. I hope that this newfound wealth forges some beautiful memories for them.” He also took the time to express his gratitude for the robust community backing HSN has consistently received.

Keating added, “As we cap off our fourth year of HSN 50/50, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the dedicated HSN 50/50 participants across Sudbury, Northeastern Ontario, and the province. The support has enabled us to contribute greatly to breakthroughs in cancer research, procure indispensable equipment for HSN’s healthcare professionals, and strive to provide equitable healthcare services. I look forward to the fifth year of HSN 50/50 becoming even more impressive due to your sustained support.”

As the announcement resonates through Ontario, residents over the age of 18 are invited to buy tickets, fostering dreams akin to Clark’s. As the clock strikes midnight on Thursday, June 27, 2024, ticket sales for the May draw will close. The following morning at 10:00, on Friday, June 28, 2024, the winning ticket will be drawn and announced on www.hsn5050.ca, where hopefuls can check if they’ve become the next big winner with lottery license #1386173.