Ontario Man Linked to Global Distribution of Lethal ‘Suicide Kits’ Investigated by Montreal Police


Montreal law enforcement agencies have launched a detailed probe into the circulation of alleged “suicide kits,” said to contain lethal doses of sodium nitrite. These kits are reportedly being dispatched to residents in the Montréal area by a man who calls Ontario home, and whose actions might be linked with as many as 120 fatalities globally.

Early this week, authorities revealed that the kits are thought to be assembled by Kenneth Law, a 57-year-old individual. A former chef and versed engineer, Law hails from Mississauga, Ontario.

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Law first found himself on the wrong side of the law this past May, tied to a duo of deaths in the Peel territory. Authorities have accused him of assisting suicide — a criminal offence in Canadian law— by offering for sale online, hoods, masks, and lethal concentrations of sodium nitrite.

Though aware of the charges levied against him, Law has maintained he is guiltless as to what those procuring his merchandise choose to do with them.

The Montreal police force clarified that the dispatched kits feature the nomenclature of several different firms, including Academic/ACademic, Escape Mode/escMode, Imtime Cuisine, and ICemac, amongst others.

In a formal communication, the force issued a call for public caution, warning of the potentially deadly sodium nitrite powder contained in these kits. Consumed in substantial amounts, it could lead to fatality. Possible skin irritation could arise if it’s mishandled without gloves.

Through an accumulation of accounts from media, global authorities, and family members, approximately 120 deaths worldwide could potentially be attributed to Law, as per tracking by CTV News Toronto.