Ontario Government Retreats from Greenbelt Development Amid Backlash and Resignations


Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli ardently stepped up to bolster Premier Doug Ford amid backlash over his flip-flop stance on the opening of Greenbelt land to developers. At a press briefing held at North Bay’s Canadore College Commerce Court Campus, Fedeli asserted unambiguously that the Ontario Government had vividly “heard” that its constituents were fundamentally opposed to designating the Greenbelt land for commercial development.

Right on the heels of such controversy happened to be a hard-hitting report from Ontario’s Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk, shedding light on a seeming mismanagement issue as pertains to the removal of Greenbelt land. Her findings underscored a troubling scenario where selected developers seemed to enjoy unfair access and leverage, thereby influencing governmental decision-making in their favor.

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Each of the 15 land site owners stand to realize an extraordinary increase, a staggering $8.3 billion, in their property values ensuing the removal of land from the protected Greenbelt region. Lysyk further clarified that Ontario had plenty of available lands that could serve the purpose of housing development, without the need to encroach upon the Greenbelt.

Following the public revelation of these insights, Housing Minister Steve Clark and Kaleed Rasheed, Ontario’s Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery, took the decision to abandon their high-profile ministerial roles. Rakheed’s departure came on the back of further revelations about a certain Las Vegas trip, all part of the integrity commissioner’s investigation into the land deals. Monte McNaughton also distanced himself from Ford’s cabinet, however, refuting any connections to the Greenbelt controversy.

Amidst the escalating storm, Ford acknowledged his indiscretion and expressed profound regret. His decision to tamper with the Greenbelt was, he conceded, coupled with mistakes in the speed and process of decision making.

Despite this saga, Marit Stiles, Ontario’s NDP Leader, hailed the Premier’s change of stance as ‘a win’ for the Ontarians who were deeply distressed by the potential misuse of the coveted land. Interim Liberal Leader John Fraser shared Stiles sentiment, lauding the decision to revert lands to the Greenbelt as a sensible course of action. Nonetheless, many unanswered questions persist around the multi-billion dollar deal.

According to Fedeli, the government remains resolute in its mandate to construct 1.5 million homes and will seek alternatives to fulfill the objective. Premier Ford, he affirms, approached the task with rightful intentions; however, doing the right thing might not always be the right course of action.

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