Ontario Expands Access to Pharmacy Treatment for Six More Common Ailments


Ontario citizens have gained enhanced access to medical treatments for an added roster of six common ailments, available directly from provincial pharmacies. This welcoming development was formally announced by Deputy Premier and Health Minister, Sylvia Jones, in the locale of Etobicoke on a fresh Sunday morning.

Jones noted that by broadening the array of common ailments eligible for pharmacy treatment, Ontarians can enjoy speedier and more convenient healthcare provisions close to home. This forward-looking step is expected to notably diminish patient wait times in community clinics and hospitals.

Acne, canker sores, diaper rash, yeast infections, parasitic infections and pregnancy-related nausea have been designated as the new ailments joining the existing list of 16, the comprehensive details of which are available on the ministry’s website.

Ontario pharmacists have been authorized to prescribe medications for common ailments since the genesis of the year. Success can be observed in the fact that an impressive 89% of the province’s pharmacies have embraced the initiative, culminating in over 400,000 assessments.

Emphasizing on the democratic nature of these services, Jones clarified that the provincial health insurance card, OHIP, is the only essential requirement for potential beneficiaries. She underscored that a personal credit card is never needed, asserting the steadfast priority of this statute under the jurisdiction of Premier Ford.

In addition to these services, recent amendments in provincial legislature have enabled pharmacists to dispense chosen injectables and inhalation treatments. These encompass treatments for conditions like diabetes, vitamin B12 deficiency and osteoporosis under a meticulously stipulated ‘professional fee.’


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