Ontario Cop Charged for Assaulting Ex’s Partner in Jealous Rage


In an unexpected turn of events, an officer from the Ontario Provincial Police has been criminally charged following accusations of breaking into her former lover’s home and assaulting his current partner while in service.

Chantelle Stamcos was the alleged victim of the terrifying ordeal that she stated lasted for a chilling 15 minutes. She recounted, in fearful detail, how the officer entered their home in full uniform, her hand frequently resting ominously on her weapon. This incident, which reportedly occurred more than a year ago, has cast a long shadow over Stamcos’ life.

According to Stamcos, Constable Amanda Farrell of the Ontario Provincial Police committed a dramatic and unannounced entry into their dwelling using the keypad on the door. In uniform and armed, she confronted the couple. The officer, allegedly unable to accept that her ex-boyfriend had moved on, yelled at Stamcos threateningly.

During the incident, Stamcos recalled telling Farrell, “If you don’t leave, we’re going to have to call the police,” to which she retorted, “I am the police.”

The plot took another intriguing twist weeks after the reported break-in when Farrell claimed her ex-boyfriend had assaulted her while they were dating. A charge was filed but was later dismissed.

Months later, after an official investigation, Farrell found herself on the receiving end of several serious charges. These included break-and-enter with intention of committing an indictable offence, two counts of assault, criminal harassment, mischief, and forcible confinement.

From the moment the charges were announced, Stamcos has claimed feeling abandoned and uninformed. She expressed persistent fear over whether the officer had been disarmed or whether Farrell would still be reporting to service calls within her vicinity. The incident allegedly has left scars not only on Stamcos but also her family.

Stamcos insists on justice, asserting that even those in positions of power should not evade their consequences. She argues that it’s vital for the public to know about the incident – emphasizing that misuse of power, especially when linked to those in uniform, is not acceptable.

Whilst the Ontario Provincial Police declined to comment citing the intimate nature of the charges, they did confirm that Farrell is currently off on leave for unrelated reasons. Despite the accusations, they have not been confirmed by a court of law.

Farrell is expected to attend her subsequent virtual court hearing this Friday.


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