Top Online Casinos in Canada

Finding an internet casino to play in Canada might sound like a challenging task. After all, Canada’s gambling laws’ flexibility ensures that you are practically spoilt for choice. Not all casinos that Canadians specialize in offer services to players in the country. Moreover, there are a few casinos which you should avoid at all costs. Simultaneously, there are top Canadian casinos that you should seriously consider playing.

At, they will guide you through the many ways to find top online casinos in Canada. By using their reviews, filters, and search systems, you can get set up and started at the top casinos in a matter of moments. They will walk you through all the steps you need (and provide you with the tools) to play in trusted, legal, and secure casino sites.

Use the Top Casino List in the Lobby

This list is regularly updated each month and details the top five casinos currently available to players living in Canada. They strive to ensure that the data and information presented to you is accurate and precisely what you need to find the best casinos.

  1. Kingdom Casino
  2. Cleopatra Casino
  3. Paradise Casino
  4. Live Casino
  5. Bitcoin Casino

Each of the five chosen top casinos has been ranked based on its offers. Moreover, they will also briefly reveal the bonus you can claim when you join these top sites, as well as the necessary terms and conditions attached to each bonus.

Search with the Filter System

Of course, you do not necessarily have to pick one of the top five online casinos. They represent many other leading brands in Canada, and each of these has its perks, which makes them attractive to Canadians.

You can opt-in to use the top ten lists to find the highest-ranking Canadian casinos based on various criteria and topics. Alternatively, you can browse Canada’s best casinos based on the device you want to play on, whether that is an iOS (Apple), Android, or Windows device. They also rank casinos into lists based on the payment methods they provide and the license they carry. These top casino lists make for the ideal way for you to find the type of top Canadian online casino you are looking for. However, they do have other ways of introducing the best online casinos in Canada to you. Let us look at some of those next.

Find Your Ideal Casino Games

Another great way to find the top online casinos in Canada is to look at the games you want to play. Whether you wish to play online slots or live casino games, everyone has something.

Search by selecting top internet betting sites by the games they offer. When you do this, you can single out the casinos which excel at providing top slots, roulette or blackjack games, baccarat and other RNG (random number generator) table games, or live casino titles. You can find out exactly which software providers develop games for each casino and choose a casino based on those providers.

When looking for casinos based on the games they provide, it is worth considering the following things:

RNG-certified games: You will ideally want to play RNG-certified games at online casinos. These are audited to ensure that they are safe and fair to play and that you have a reasonable chance of success.
Progressive jackpots: If you want to win the biggest prizes, you need to make sure that your chosen casino carries progressive jackpots. Not all online casinos do so, which is worth noting before you sign up and play.
Mobile-friendly games: Even if you do not intend to play mobile games on the go just now, you might do it in the future. Ensure that your chosen casino is easy to navigate and that you can easily access a decent array of mobile casino games.
RTP and volatility: It is not good solely playing highly volatile games. You will also want to make sure that you can find low variance titles to mix things up. On top of that, ensure that your Canadian casino has decent RTP rates in its games. The higher the RTP rate, the more the casino puts back into the pot for you to win.
A fantastic array of providers: The more games a Canadian online casino supports from a more significant number of providers, the less likely you are to become bored. On top of that, if you fancy sports betting or wager on poker, it helps if you can find a top site that also offers you access to these options simultaneously.
Live casino games supported: Again, you may not consider playing live games just now, but if you change your mind in the future, it helps to be already signed up at a top Canadian online casino that already offers them.

If playing specific online casino games or games from one provider over another is essential to you, then selecting top casinos based on the games they offer is ideal for searching for somewhere new to play.

Play at the Newest Canadian Online Casinos

You can find top casinos in Canada and look solely for the newest online casinos to debut in the country. Each year, they will typically add anything from ten up to fifty new casinos, depending on how many new ones debut. Of course, they will not just add any old rubbish to the page. The selection of top Canadian casinos must pass a stringent set of checks to ensure that they offer a top-quality service to Canadian players.

New Canadian online casinos include hot promotions and bonuses. Many tend to be mobile-friendly, with a quality, easy to navigate HTML5 design, and sometimes even dedicated apps to play. New Canadian casinos also tend to feature the best new games from leading providers and provide the latest security and safety features and the most recent responsible gambling tools.

Choose Casinos Based on Bonuses and Promotions

Everybody wants a top bonus. However, not all online casino bonuses are as good as they first seem. For instance, a casino that offers a 100% match up to $10,000 sounds great. However, if it comes with a host of wagering requirements (hefty ones) and a crippling selection of terms and conditions, it rapidly loses value. At, they only recommend casinos that have fair and prosperous bonuses.

When looking for a new internet site to play your favorite online casino games in Canada, you can use the tools to find casinos that offer these top bonuses and promos. The experienced team at has been through all the terms and conditions attached to a casino’s bonuses and ensured that those sites represent excellent value for money.

Ideally, the best Canadian online casinos will offer you sizable deposit bonuses with generous terms and conditions. They will also provide you with re-deposit bonuses, tournaments, monthly specials, free spins, loyalty bonuses, and more besides.

If you are predominantly interested in playing at Canadian casinos which offer big but fair bonuses, check out the top list of bonus-offering casino sites. Moreover, do not hesitate to peruse the selection of exclusive offer casinos on their website.

Opt-in for Legal Casinos

Canada’s gambling laws are uniform, although they may be challenging to grasp for some players. After all, many will fall within something of a grey zone, which can leave you wondering if joining and playing at one casino over another is legal in Canada. provides you with a top selection of guides to each territory, region, and province’s gambling laws so you can educate yourself on those.

For instance, if you live in Nova Scotia and want to make sure you are playing in a legal casino, head to Nova Scotia casinos’ selection. You can also find such casinos by reading the guide to Nova Scotia’s gambling laws. The same logic can be applied to any region in Canada, allowing you to find the perfect place to play with minimum fuss.

Sign Up at Canada’s Top-Rated Casinos

COC’s team goes through a lot of effort critiquing and rating online casinos to ensure that they only suggest the best online casinos to you. They only promote licensed, safe, and legal online casinos, which have a fantastic array of games, excellent support, and tailor-made bonuses.

The final way you can decide to check out top online casinos in Canada is to look for our top-rated domains. COC’s team gives each Canadian casino that they represent a score or rating, based on several criteria, such as those listed above. These casinos will likely not excel in one area over another but score highly in all the relevant standards; this makes them the best all-around online casinos in Canada. If you do not want to home in on anything in particular, but want a top, comprehensive experience, then you can’t go wrong by choosing to play at top-rated Canadian casinos.

Browse the Complete Collection

You do not have to take our word for it, though. When you think that you have come across a Canadian online casino that fits the bill, it is best to understand why it is recommended to you.

Browse and compare sites to discover each casino’s “strengths and weaknesses.” You can also learn why a particular score is higher than some casinos. Reading the reviews will give you the inside track on everything they can offer, long before you decide to sign up and play there.

Play at Canada’s Top Online Casinos in 2021

As you can see, there is a wealth of different options and ways for you to find leading online casinos in Canada. If you want to play with the top, please browse the website, using any of the methods detailed above or the casino reviews to find somewhere ideal for playing. The next step is down to you – start exploring today to get started.