Onewheel Skateboards Recall: Santa Cruz Firm Acts on Fatalities and Injuries Risk


Future Motion, a Santa-Cruz based company, is urgently calling back all of its Onewheel electric skateboard models after confirmation of four fatalities between 2019 and 2021 and multiple reports of severe injuries. This major recall affects around 300,000 pieces of the self-balancing skateboards.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a stark warning, urging individuals to cease the immediate use of these skateboards. The danger arises when a skateboard exceeds its balancing limits, making the rider prone to a potential crash that could lead to a grave injury or even death.

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The fatalities were attributed to severe head injuries. Shockingly, in three of the incidents, the riders weren’t wearing helmets. Apart from this, a range of injuries associated with the skateboards include traumatic brain injuries, concussion, paralysis, bone fractures, and ligament damages.

Previously in November, when the Consumer Product Safety Commission first advised users to stop using the skateboards, Future Motion was hesitant about initiating a recall. The agency expressed its primary concern about the product’s tendency to eject riders, placing them at risk of dangerous injuries or death.

However, Future Motion is now actively cooperating with the recall. In response to the issue, the company is working on a firmware update termed “haptic buzz” aimed to rectify the safety problems.

Future Motion explains ‘Haptic Buzz’ as an alert system designed to notify riders through auditory and tactile sensations when potentially crash-inducing situations arise. This proactive firmware update is anticipated to be available in a few weeks. It’s pertinent to mention that its use will only be limited to Onewheel GT, Pint X, Pint, and XR products, not the original Onewheel and Onewheel+ skateboards, according to the company.

Future Motion teamed with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to recommend skateboarders to be properly equipped with personal safety gear. The concerted effort is aimed at minimizing the risk of injuries and ensuring user safety in the wake of this unfortunate circumstance.