One-Pound Miracle Baby Nyla, Home After Epic Premature Birth Battle


Perched at the precipice of life and looming mortality, a tiny life has emerged victorious and come home, cocooned in the love of her first-time parents. The diminutive sprightly sprite, Nyla Brooke Haywood, spent the initial six months of her existence grappling with the trials of premature birth at a suburban medical facility in Chicago – Silver Cross Hospital located in New Lenox, Illinois. She was born weighing a mere 1 pound and 1 ounce, and was just a small bundle of life at 11 inches long, categorizing her as a ‘micropreemie’. Today, she’s tipped the scales at a thriving 10 pounds and stretched out to 21 inches, defying numerous odds thrown at her by fate.

Birthed prematurely in November due to her mother’s dangerous amassment of preeclampsia-induced high blood pressure, Nyla’s inceptive cry into life stirred a gamut of emotions and a nexus of expert medical attention. Her parents, NaKeya and Cory Haywood, residents of Joliet, welcomed their miracle baby after 22 weeks of gestation, under the aegis of seasoned neonatologists. A floating island in an ocean of fear and uncertainty, NaKeya, like any first-time parent, navigated through complex rivulets of fear and hope.

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“I’ve run out of words to express my overwhelm, truth be told. I’m just brimming with gratitude that she’s here by our side, as hale and hearty as one could wish for, and simply flourishing,” an ecstatic and teary-eyed NaKeya Haywood shared her emotions on Monday.

Dr. Mario Sanchez, the neonatologist who has been Nyla’s guardian angel since birth, shone a light on her fierce spirit. “Nyla marked her arrival with a fight. It was a faint whimper of a cry, but a cry nonetheless. Her heart rate persistently lingered above 100, striking the bullseye of our desired medical benchmark. The girl has been a fiery warrior since her first breath,” he reminisced with a proud smile.

Despite the initial setback of underdeveloped lungs, a fifteen-member medical cavalry rallied behind tiny Nyla. Her journey has not been devoid of scars – she has residual scarring on her lungs and will require a steady supply of oxygen. Regular medical checkups will act as the sentinel for potential complications, helping the brave little girl navigate the terrains of ‘micropreemie’ life.

Painting a hopeful landscape for micropreemies, a crucial 2022 study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association casts a ray of hope. The study shed light on almost 11,000 premature births, affirming that lifesaving treatments are helping an expanding populace of delicate little beings survive. The prognosis reveals that if the salvaging attempts persist, 30% of babies born at 22 weeks, 56% at 23 weeks, and a staggering 71% at 24 weeks have a fighting chance to reclaim their lives and health.

As the one-pound miracle, Nyla, begins the next chapter of her tale from the embrace of her home, she’s not merely a survivor of a premature birth but a beacon of hope inspiring multitudes, one breath at a time.