On Thursday, Nova Scotia Reported A New Daily High Of 182 Cases of COVID-19


Nova Scotia has reported 182 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. The province reported 155 new cases in the central health zone, 16 in the eastern zone, four in the western zone and seven in the northern zone. Now, there are 45 people in the hospital with COVID-19. Of those 45 patients, 9 are in intensive care.

Dr. Robert Strang also noted that on Wednesday, there were 175 COVID-19 cases. Premier Iain Rankin urged Nova Scotians to follow the protocols, stay home and not risk getting infected.

Rankin added:

“The third wave is driven by variants and they spread faster and easier.”

In Nova Scotia, 347,283 doses of the vaccine administered. This includes 37,346 second doses as of May 5. The restrictions were imposed on April 28, and the local government plans to lift them soon. Still, Strang said it’s a “safe assumption” restrictions will be extended. The ranking also said that it’s possible for restrictions to be imposed again:

“This is different than the first wave and second wave with the variants. And if Dr. Strang and Public Health have other restrictions they think will help, I won’t hesitate to put them in.”


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