Ohio School Employee Fired after Vicious Assault on Autistic Toddler Caught on Camera


In a spine-chilling revelation, an Ohio school’s hallway surveillance camera captured distressing footage of a school employee chasing a 3-year-old pupil down a corridor, cruelly striking the child in the back of the head, sending him plummeting to the floor, according to an assertion made by the attorney representing the child’s family.

The disturbing footage, from August and captured within Rosa Parks Early Learning Center in Dayton, Ohio, did not stop there. It showed the staff member then hoisted the fallen toddler by his ankles, parading him head downward along the hallway.

In light of this event, the implicated employee was promptly dismissed by the district. It’s worth noting the toddler concerned, as the family’s lawyer, Michael Wright, pointed out, is both nonverbal and diagnosed with autism.

Interim Superintendent for Dayton Public Schools, David Lawrence, lambasted the actions captured in the footage as utterly unconscionable and out of alignment with staff training, conducive learning culture, and acceptable behaviour within their schools in a written pronouncement.

Lawrence refrained from commenting on particular staffing issues in public, however, provided reassurance to parents that the individual involved is no longer part of the workforce. He emphasized that safeguarding the wellbeing of students and staff members is of paramount importance to the district.

The incident transpired on August 21, as confirmed by both the district and attorney Wright. The child’s mother, Taneshia Lindsay, shared the shocking video on her Facebook page, revealing that procuring the footage took her a lengthy three weeks.

Despite the painful experience of her son, Lindsay clarified that she did not perceive Rosa Parks as an entirely tarnished institution. She expressed disappointment towards the Dayton Public Schools regarding their staff screening and placement process. Heartbroken and aggrieved, Lindsay voiced her determination to seek justice for her child.

Requests for comments from CNN to the principal, Rosa Parks Early Learning Center, and Dayton Public Schools have gone unanswered.

Dayton police have forwarded the case to the Montgomery County prosecutor’s office, which is currently evaluating if criminal charges are warranted. The possibility of initiating a legal action is being deliberated by the parents, according to Wright.

Janice Sadler, spokesperson for the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services, underscored that such incidents are particularly traumatic for individuals with disabilities and emphasized that all children, irrespective of disabilities, deserve to be treated in ways that foster their optimal development.

Lawrence, the Interim Superintendent, declared the district’s commitment to ensuring that all its employees are adequately trained and suited for their positions. A follow-up meeting with concerned parents also appears to be on his agenda for the forthcoming week.


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