Ohio Father to Face Court over Child-Endangerment Charges After Casino Visit


In late June, Kyle Miller, a 27-year-old Elyria, Ohio native, is slated to make a court appearance following his alleged neglect of his 10-month-old daughter. Miller stands accused of leaving his infant alone in a car while he stepped inside the Jack Cleveland Casino, a case that has led to him being charged with child endangerment.

Evidence related to the case, publicized in a recent news report by Ohio’s WKYC TV station, paints a picture of the incident, which took place on April 27. Miller’s parked car, housing his unsupervised child, was positioned on the fourth floor of the casino garage, when a fellow motorist noticed the solitary baby. In response, the witness dialed 911 and awaited the arrival of Cleveland police officers alongside passers-by who had also become aware of the situation.

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Upon the officers’ arrival and subsequent inspection of the vehicle, they discovered blankets obscuring visibility into the back seats by being taped over the windows. Expressing relief and sympathy at the sight of the beautiful little girl, waiting individuals responded emotionally.

Accordingly, an EMS crew was summoned to evaluate the infant’s condition. Speaking softly to the bewildered child, a team member acknowledged the obvious exhaustion in her demeanor. Further assessment led to her transport to the UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, where physicians confirmed her relative wellbeing before entrusting her into the care of extended family.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers delved into the casino, conducting a thorough search to locate the father. Miller was tracked down at nearly 11 p.m. — an alarming duration since his last visual confirmation of his daughter’s location shortly after 8 p.m. The baby girl had been alone for nearly three hours before the police could retrieve her.

Upon Miller’s arrest, he and a friend of his were ordered to place their hands behind their backs, and the question of who the baby’s father was posed. He complied and was placed under arrest, charged with child endangerment and questioned about his judgment in leaving an infant unattended.

Miller has since been released after paying a $15K bond and, during a hearing at the Cleveland Municipal Court, pled not guilty to the charges. His next appearance in court will be on June 17.

This incident adds Ohio to the growing list of states experiencing cases of adults abandoning young children in vehicles whilst indulging in gambling activities. Authorities are alerting the public to the potential danger, warning that children left alone in cars are at high risk of suffering harm, and neglectful adults found guilty in such incidents could face imprisonment.