Ohio Casinos Hit Record $2.38 Billion Revenue in 2023


In an unprecedented surge of luck and leisure, Ohio’s gambling establishments have outdone themselves, setting a new benchmark in the annals of gaming prosperity. The state’s casinos and racinos carved out a historic victory, amassing a record bounty from their patrons.

Amid the backdrop of fervent sports enthusiasm, particularly on the first day of legal sports betting in Ohio, the state saw a financial bonanza cascade through its gamut of gaming institutions. 2023’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) reached astronomical heights at $2.38 billion—an ascent marking a 2.15% increase over the previous year.

The prowess of Ohio’s gaming industry was undeniably formidable, with new annual GGR records inked into history for 10 out of the last 11 years, only recoiling during the anomaly of 2020’s global health crisis. Impressive tallies echoed from state to state, placing Ohio’s remarkable returns in league with heavyweights such as Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania—all of which declared their own record revenues in the past year.

The quartet of Ohio’s casinos, bedecked with the resplendence of Las Vegas-style slots and assortment of table games, collectively triumphed in wresting over $1.014 billion from the aspirant throngs. The siren call of slot machines proved the most lucrative, enticing $728.86 million, while table games, ever a draw for the strategists and the hopeful, maintained a grip over roughly $286 million of players’ hard-staked cash.

These establishments, namely Jack Cleveland, Hollywood Columbus, Hard Rock Cincinnati, and Hollywood Toledo, stand as proud sentinels offering a combined armament of over 6,200 slot machines and 360 tables to the gaming devotees. Hollywood Columbus surged ahead with its contribution to the GGR, amassing $272.2 million, closely followed by its compatriots in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo.

In the domain of taxes, the GGR is no small contributor, with a 33% state tax translating to a commendable $335 million last year. Elsewhere, Ohio’s seven racinos, with their cache of video lottery terminals, dealt their own blow, harvesting just under $1.37 billion in 2023. Managed by the state lottery, these terminals operate distinct from traditional slot machines, their fates dictated by an overarching network rather than individual random number generators.

Indeed, as the year closed, so too did the first chapter of legal sports betting in Ohio. The inauguration of this new era of gaming saw over $7.65 billion in wagers. Here, the victors were the sportsbooks, securing a hold of $937 million. This windfall, subjected to a 20% state tax, endowed Ohio with an additional $187 million in revenue.

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