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We are beyond excited to introduce you to Elisabeth Wolbersky, West Island Blog’s newest contributor and parenting blogger. This smart and charismatic mama is the driving force behind Perfit Moms – a Facebook community group unlike any other we’ve seen before. Elisabeth has done an amazing job of balancing information, carefully curated content and somehow finds the time to personally approve and moderate every single post that is added to the page. Mom-shaming?  Not on her watch. Here she is with her very first post. Welcome aboard Elisabeth!

Today I watched as my daughter drifted off to sleep cuddled in my arms. Her fierce eyebrows trying their hardest to pull her delicate eyelids open. Her tiny muscles giving one last twitch as they each let go. Her rhythmic breathing almost paralyzing my every thought. Each strand of hair at a standstill with her sweet lips suckling the last drops of milk into a full and satisfied stomach. Mr. Sandman was winning and she was drifting off to a well-deserved sleep.  This sounds like pure perfection and at that moment it felt like it too. But sleep has not always been like this. Oh no my friends, sleep was once upon a time a hardcore fight that I was so obviously losing.

A battle between parent and child where there is absolutely no one in control. Sleep is one of those things wanted so badly and yet so difficult to attain in the early stages of life. I remember days trying to get my little ones to sleep. People would marvel at my perfect children during the daytime. If they only knew the struggles I had at night. My precious little angels possessed hurling and flopping around in ways that would make a fish out of water jealous. Their innocent daytime cries now screeches that made me swear I needed a hearing test in the morning. And then they would trick me. After rocking and shaking and walking and bumping they would finally go to sleep. I would tiptoe oh so carefully over to their bed and place them in so gently. I’d hold my breath all the way to the door and cautiously close it behind me. Finally, I’d get into bed and breathe a huge sigh of relief that I had done it. I won and they lost. I’m a hero. I saved the day. I was right and they were wrong. I knew better. My eyelids would slam shut and I was ready to sleep. Just as the darkness started to overcome my eyes BAM they are awake and screaming again like they had just gotten stung by a bee or some cruel individual had crawled in and scared the life right out of them. Up I shot back to the grind.

Perfit Moms came to my rescue in some of these moments. I knew that I wasn’t alone and so I reached out to my heroes from Destination Sleep and Help them Sleep. Heather and Shawna are sleep gurus that offer continued support to the moms in the group. They give regular facebook live presentations free of charge that help to bring back some balance and sleep into your life. They have helped so many parents and I am eternally grateful. Take back your moments. Take back your time. Take back your sanity. Your children will thank you one day.



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