Officials Convene to Address Controversial Pilot Butte Compost Facility Proposal


In light of the contentious proposed compost facility near Pilot Butte, representatives from the RM of Edenwold, Pilot Butte, and a federal MP convened for an in-depth discussion. Organized by Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer, the meeting aimed to deliberate on the facility’s controversy-causing location, which stands just 1.6 kilometres away from Pilot Butte.

This gathering was the first instance where council representatives from the town and the RM held a private discourse regarding the contentious subject. According to Scheer, his office has been inundated by calls from troubled constituents, expressing their apprehension about the proposed composting site.

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The main objective of the meeting was to gain a clearer understanding about the constituents’ concerns and ensure a channel for local input. Scheer emphasised on the necessity for the local residents to air their thoughts and views about the planned facility.

In recent public meetings attended by hundreds of residents, impassioned discussions centered around the location of the proposed composting facility. The facility is intended to process waste collected under Regina’s new green bins program.

However, Pilot Butte councillor Scott Einarson expressed strong opposition, representing the sentiment of his town’s residents. He stated his concerns over the probable implications of having the facility in such proximate association with the town of Pilot Butte. Smell, he cited, was a primary apprehension.

As of now, work at the compost facility remains suspended as the proposal undergoes the processes for approval. During this crucial phase, RM of Edenwold councillor Lisa Peters emphasized the vitality of maintaining open communication lines and hearing everyone’s perspective.

In her own words, “If it’s your council, if it’s your federal government, if it’s your provincial government, the businesses in the area – we need to hear the voices. That’s why we opened up our public hearing. You have a voice, come share your thoughts.”

Nevertheless, the final decisions concerning the project are not expected to be reached by Sept. 4, the intended commencement date of Regina’s composting program. Concurrently, the city has plans to stockpile the material at the landfill until a final location is determined and receives approval.