Officer On Duty Perishes, 2 In Police Custody After A Collision South Of Saskatchewan, Police Say


A police officer died and two persons are under police custody after a collision south of Saskatchewan last Saturday, police say.

The officer, Constable Shelby Patton, aged 26, who served under the Indian detachment was killed while on duty.

Police say he dies at around 8 am, CST, in pursuit of two individuals who were in possession of a truck that had been reported stolen.

The officer places a stop in Wolseley, to the east of Regina, in an attempt to stop the truck.

Whilst standing outside, the two hit the officer.

Police say they detained the two, but no charges had been preferred as of last Saturday.

A member of the public tried to resuscitate the officer, but he passed away on the scene.

The officer’s death came as a shock to many. The mayor of Wolseley, Gerald Hill, said his town is in disbelief. He added that such things don’t happen in his town.

There was an increased police presence in Wolseley on Saturday, which was quite unusual for the small town, according to councilor Tim Taylor, which implied the grave nature of the circumstances.

Assistant police commission Rhonda Blackmore said the young officer was well-loved amongst friends and colleagues.

The funeral arrangements will be communicated in the next few days.


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