Ocean Casino Resort Launches Luxury Helicopter Service from Manhattan to Atlantic City


The world of luxurious travel just got a notch higher as Ocean Casino Resort unveiled its latest gem on Tuesday: a direct helicopter service facilitating travel from the heart of New York City’s Manhattan to the resort’s premier beachfront property in Atlantic City. This effervescent addition is a part of the resort’s steadfast commitment to providing world-class amenities to its guests.

The elevated helipad, perched atop the resort’s parking garage, is not a new addition, having been used by VIP guests as a landing pad for several months since its installation last year. However, it’s this year that the resort has taken a bold step by turning it into a commercial service, bringing the benefit of helicopter travel to the broader audience. The strategic move comes in a bid to increase accessibility for a wider range of guests, without compromising on the exclusivity of the travel experience.

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Bill Callahan, the general manager at Ocean Casino, enthused about the stellar initiative, “We’ve seen our customers relish privately chartered trips ever since we installed our helipad. Elevating this experience to offer scheduled travel gives our visitors a taste of the best-in-the-industry travel, complementing our award-winning beachfront resort.”

This grand endeavor invites the partnership of Blade Air Mobility, a distinguished aviation company stationed in New York City, who will continue the service throughout the forthcoming summer season. From Saturday, May 25, Blade commences its direct helicopter rides from the vibrant hustle of West 30th Street in Manhattan, straight to the welcoming calm of the Ocean Casino Resort.

While it might take up to three hours, considering the traffic, to traverse the 130-mile-route from Manhattan to Atlantic City by road, Blade’s new service propels travel-savvy riders from NYC to the New Jersey casino resort in a brisk 40 minutes. The only trade-off here is that this express aerial travel comes with a price of its own. Browsing through Blade’s online booking portal reveals that each trip costs an upward of $695 per person from Chelsea near Hudson Yards to Ocean Casino Resort. To accommodate weight limitations on board, each guest is permitted a solitary carry-on bag and a single checked baggage under 25 pounds.

Arriving at Ocean Casino Resort via Blade’s helicopter service also carries an added perk. Blade passengers are welcomed by Ocean’s concierge team atop the parking garage and are eligible for complimentary suite upgrades for their stay at the resort.

Blade, predominantly catering to affluent Manhattan denizens seeking an expedited jaunt to the Hamptons or swift access to nearby airports, is extending its horizon to streamline requests to Atlantic City. According to Roisin Branch, Blade’s Chief Marketing Officer, the spike in charter requests over recent months has led to this strategic addition to make these flights accessible to a wider audience base.

Blade’s helicopter to Atlantic City can luxuriously accommodate six passengers, costing about $4,170 one way. Ocean’s overnight guests are also in for a treat, with each passenger receiving an exclusive champagne tumbler sponsored by Moët & Chandon aboard each Blade flight. Upon arriving, guests will be welcomed by a chilled bottle of Moët Imperial to kickstart their stay at the Ocean Casino Resort on a high note.

The timing of this partnership could be strategic, as Ocean Casino Resort aims to secure a significant share in the VIP market in New York. With New York City anticipated to permit three casino bids in the downstate area next year, major casino companies including Caesars Entertainment, Wynn Resorts, and Mohegan, among others, have proposed integrated resort casinos in Manhattan. As a wider array of casinos begin to make their mark in the Big Apple, only time will reveal the full impact of this ambitious venture between Ocean Casino Resort and Blade Air Mobility.