Obesity awareness program ‘Ma Communauté en Santé’ is hoping to make a difference


For thirty years, obesity rates have gradually increased almost everywhere in the world. Many changes brought about by modern life have contributed to the weight gain issues in our society: urbanization (convenience stores and restaurants are within walking distance from schools), technology – with an average of 30 hours/week spent in front of a screen, transformation of the traditional family and work, lack of time, etc. These factors not only affect weight gain but also increases chronic disease as well as negatively impact our health care system. Our current way of life facilitates access to nutrient-poor foods, but as a society, we need to make healthier choices.

Accessibility to healthy eating is an issue in the North West Territory of the Island of Montreal. Ma Communauté en Santé is reaching out to build key partnerships within the community to address these matters. Currently, we are working in collaboration with Municipal governments and boroughs, community organizations (WIAH, Pierrefonds Community Project, Éco-Cartier), schools and daycares. Partners such as Provigo de Pierrefonds and Trudeau Corporation have also embarked on this initiative.

We need to work together collectively on projects to make a difference in our community and address these issues of Healthy Living.


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