NY State Trooper Sentenced for Gambling Probe Leak


In a case that has pierced the veil of law enforcement confidentiality, a former sergeant with the New York State Police has accepted probation over incarceration after confessing to obstructing an investigation into illegal gambling activities. Fifty-two-year-old Thomas J. Loewke, who resides in Rochester, was handed a sentence of two years’ probation by a federal judge this Monday upon his conviction.

Loewke’s downfall came when he divulged sensitive information about an ongoing probe to the proprietors of a clandestine online betting operation based in Rochester. This act of subterfuge not only compromised the integrity of the investigation but threw into question the ethics of a man who once stood in defense of the law. As part of his sentence, the retired state trooper is mandated to complete 100 hours of community service and issue a payment of a $4,000 fine, a far cry from the up to five-year prison term and $250,000 fine he could have faced.

The tip-off provided by Loewke was to one Louis P. Ferrari II, the operator of an illegal bookmaking venture via sports700.com. Forewarned by the former trooper on December 27, 2021, Ferrari hastily altered the website’s password, revamped its design, and scrubbed records of historical bets, all in an effort to elude authorities.

The gaming ring, active from 2016 to 2021, is reported to have amassed over $10 million profits from a customer base exceeding 1,700 individuals. Besides Ferrari, who is currently entangled in a web of federal charges including conspiracy and operation of an illegal gambling business, six other Rochester men are implicated in the network.

Defense counsel Michael Schiano has noted that despite Loewke’s transgressions, the arrests proceeded unimpeded; thus, his interference did not ultimately derail the legal process. Furthermore, it was disclosed that Loewke’s entanglement may have been fueled by his personal struggles with gambling addiction.

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