Nunavut Health Authorities Say Immunized Person Can Skip Self-Isolation


All persons who have received both jabs won’t have to isolate anymore, this is according to Monday announcement by Nunavut’s health authorities.

This measure will come into force on the 14th of June, and will apply to all people who have fully immunized against COVID-19 at least a fortnight before they travel. however, all parents with kids who haven’t vaccinated will be expected to isolate as required.

Children have the potential to transmit the virus in their families and general community and that would place unvaccinated persons at risk, Nunavut’s Chief Public Health Office, Dr. Michael Patterson, said.

For the last three months, all persons entering the area have had to self-isolate at approved hotels, with the overall bill as at 21st May reaching $73.89m.

Patterson noted Monday that mounting evidence shows immunization helps the chances of people getting infected and the severity of the symptoms in people who catch the virus.

He added that Nunavut is sure that eliminating the isolation requirements for immunized person has minimal risk of the virus being introduced in the community.

The directive also said that immunized persons will be required to apply for exemption from isolation. They will be issued with an official letter that they will need in all travel-related boarding heading into Nunavut. All those currently in residence in any government-approved isolation facility can apply to be allowed to exit.

All persons in Nunavut will be expected to agree to a confirmation of their immunization status. Non-residents will be required to show valid documentation as proof of vaccination to be exempted from isolation, a new post said.

Patterson noted that proof can be in the form of a doctor’s letter, but emphasized that those found cheating the system will face heavy fines.

He added that with regards to movement inside of Nunavut, non-immunized persons will not be issued travel-related exemptions until the outbreak clears.


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