Nuant Unveils AI-Powered Tool for Real-Time Crypto Portfolio Tracking


Nuant has announced the release of a cutting-edge tool designed to monitor cryptocurrency portfolios in real time, offering investors the ability to execute trading strategies instantly. This new product, unveiled by the Zug-based data intelligence provider, enables users to track their investments and devise sophisticated strategies across 30 different trading platforms.

In a statement, the company outlined the suite of features available with this new tool, including data aggregation, intelligent orchestration, actionable insights, and a “simulation engine” for designing and testing advanced strategies. Supporting over five custodians and 80 blockchain networks, Nuant aims to empower investors to make well-informed decisions, mitigate risks, and seize market opportunities.

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The tool leverages AI-driven capabilities to enhance functionalities such as rebalancing, backtesting, scenario analysis, and DeFi strategy simulations. Although it remains unclear whether Nuant employs proprietary AI technology or utilizes external solutions like ChatGPT, the advanced features mark a significant step forward for crypto investors.

Founder and CEO of Nuant, Rachid Ajaja, highlighted the necessity for advanced investment management tools in the crypto sector, particularly in light of the forthcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA). “Our goal is to equip these entities with robust tools to navigate the digital asset landscape with the same precision and reliability found in traditional finance,” Ajaja stated.

By addressing the gap in sophisticated tools for managing crypto investments, Nuant hopes to bring a new level of precision and reliability to the digital asset market, aligning it more closely with traditional financial systems.