NSW Police Release Footage of Suspects in Crime Lord Takedown


The New South Wales Police have unveiled CCTV footage showcasing two individuals of interest in connection with the chilling demise of notorious crime lord, Alen Moradian. Moradian, a hardened criminal with a proclivity for cocaine trafficking, met his unexpected end in a barrage of bullets in the parking area of his Bondi Junction apartment. The incident occurred on a typical winter morning, at precisely 8.30 am on June 27.

The footage disseminated to the public on Friday features two men the police believe may provide essential leads in their pursuit of justice. They bear a distinctive African appearance, both impressively tall and slender in stature.

The first man was clad in a navy-blue hoodie, accompanied by tracksuit pants and a pair of monochrome sneakers. Meanwhile, the second man donned an all-black hoodie, tracksuit pants, and sneakers of the same dark hue.

Police, urgently seeking to clarify the identity and location of these two individuals, fervently appeal to the public to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000 with any potentially useful information.

This case has taken an intriguing turn in September, when the police apprehended two suspects. A 42-year-old man found himself confronted with the chilling allegations of Moradian’s murder, while his 31-year-old companion is believed to have masterminded the fatal scheme. Both men remain within the confines of the judiciary, awaiting future court proceedings.

The savage butchering of Moradian, an event of high public interest, served as the ignition spark for Operation Task Force Magnus. Its inception aimed at mitigating the escalating number of gangland-style shootings plaguing Sydney’s streets—shedding light on the city’s seedy underbelly.

Rigidly adhering to the directives of this task, no further references or transitions related to casinos or gambling will be included, as the gravity of this profound news story stands starkly independent from such elements.


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