NSW Boosts Speed Cameras Deployment to Combat Rising Road Carnage


In response to a lethal accident that claimed the lives of two young boys, the NSW government has been compelled to increase its deployment of speed cameras along a particularly notorious stretch of road that has become a magnet for reckless drivers.

The government plans to install three additional fixed speed cameras along The Grand Parade, located in Sydney’s south, a move aimed at combatting the rampant speeding prevalent in that area.

Fresh efforts to curb speeding were kickstarted in the wake of an appalling accident in August. Two children, aged nine and ten, were fatally injured when their vehicle spiralled out of control and collided with a tree adjacent to the roadway.

Investigation reveals a shocking history of unbridled recklessness on The Grand Parade, with 64 substantive accidents from 2018 to 2022, 16 of which resulted in severe injuries.

Mr John Graham, the Roads Minister, emphasized the government’s hard-line stance against reckless drivers and speed limit transgressors, communicating a message of “zero tolerance for hoons”.

The newly installed cameras on The Grand Parade are seen as potential deterrents, designed to modify drivers’ habits, encourage adherence to the speed limit, and counteract hooning.

Despite having already implemented over 700 hours of mobile speed camera operations on The Grand Parade, Mr Graham indicated there was still a dire need for more preventative measures, hence the additional camera installations.

The minister further announced plans to expand mobile speed camera operations alongside police vigilance, as they intensify their crusade against illicit road activities in the upcoming months. His stark reminder of the non-negotiable need for speed compliance echoes the heart of their endeavour—to ensure everyone returns home safely.

In November, two cameras will be introduced in Brighton-Le-Sands near Gordon St, followed by a third installation in Sans Souci near Alice St, set for the start of 2024. The latter will serve to monitor traffic moving in both directions.

Steve Kamper, Member for Rockdale, voiced the communities diminished tolerance for reckless drivers. He bolstered confidence in the synergistic effectiveness of the new fixed speed cameras and the existing mobile speed cameras, hoping they will contribute to a decrease in fatalities and severe injuries along this popular, yet notoriously dangerous, road.


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