Nova Scotia Manhunt Ends in Arrest for Alleged Second-Degree Murder


Following an extensive, provincewide manhunt, Arthur Abdul Mosher, a 40-year-old man from Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, is currently in custody facing charges of second-degree murder. The arrest came after local authorities issued a warrant for Mosher on a gruesome discovery made in the previous month.

A chilling event occurred last month in Parkdale, Nova Scotia, where authorities discovered human remains. Further investigation and analysis confirmed the remains were those of a man, and the circumstances surrounding his death pointed irrefutably towards homicide.

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Cpl. Chris Marshall the Nova Scotia RCMP spokesperson provided further insight, revealing the victim to be a 49-year-old man. However, complying with the grieving family’s request, the victim’s name has been withheld from the public.

Providing a conclusion to a suspenseful and statewide pursuit, law enforcement teams announced they had apprehended Mosher just prior to 3 p.m. Thursday in Gold River, Nova Scotia. Following standard procedures, he will remain in custody overnight, ahead of his scheduled court appearance. It’s reported that Mosher’s first encounter with justice is slated to occur in Bridgewater provincial court this Friday.