Notorious Taxi Firm Owner Accepts Lesser Charge in Historical Assault Case


Allan Genereux, the notorious 57-year-old proprietor of a Manitoulin Island taxi company, accepted lesser charges on Tuesday during a court hearing for a historical sexual assault case. This marks his second conviction within the year, revealing a distressing pattern of abuse.

The victim had stepped forward with allegations against Genereux in November 2021, reviving an incident that took place over three decades ago somewhere between January 1996 and December 1998. During this time, the victim was a teenager, aged between 16 and 18.

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Initially, the case was set to proceed to a jury trial. However, a plea deal was struck between the Crown and defense, which saw Genereux pleading guilty to a reduced charge of assault. The plea was accepted in a Gore Bay courtroom on September 26.

Court testimonials shed light on Genereux’s interactions with the victim who often met him, then in his early 30s, at a secluded trailer in Little Current. The piteous narrative recounts the inappropriate and unwelcome physical advances initiated by Genereux, causing the young woman to relive the discomfort and trauma. In its sentencing submission, the Crown lawyer shared that such dishonorable conduct tarnished her youth, leaving enduring repercussions that have lingered throughout her life.

The judge sternly addressed Genereux. She expressed his blatant disregard for personal boundaries and lack of consent. This consistent violation not only hurts the victims physically but leaves a lasting psychological scar.

Earlier convictions this year hardened the case against Genereux, who separately received suspended sentences followed by 12 months of probation, and orders for no-contact and DNA testing. Genereux’s criminal record shows additional convictions in 1986, 1990, and 2021 for which he served a six-month conditional sentence for assault.

The verdict reflected several additional factors, including sparing the victim from testifying, the guilty plea with no attempt to make excuses by Genereux, facing the aftermath of discrimination and racism from being Indigenous.

The community’s outcry has been palpable, Describing this seemingly endless chain of assaults as deplorable, Brad Allison, the defense attorney, claimed that Genereux is paying a hefty price. Losing his taxi operating license caused significant financial adversity and unemployment.

Despite the adversity, Genereux’s taxi service was able to resume three months later when the local law banning his operation was lifted. But the Crown remained disturbed at the idea of someone with such a history of assault transporting potentially vulnerable passengers.

If the cycle of abuse continues, the judge warned Genereux, incarceration would be the next step, possibly a significant one. She sent him off with stern advice – to introspect and learn to respect personal boundaries.

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