Notorious Rapper Tupac Shakur’s Alleged Murderer Indicted After Decades-Long Probe


On charges of murder with the use of a deadly weapon linked to the 1996 slaying of notorious rapper Tupac Shakur, Duane Keith “Keffe D” Davis has been formally indicted by a grand jury, as disclosed by the Las Vegas officials. Davis, aged 60, was taken into custody this Friday morning in Las Vegas.

A search operation was conducted last July at the Henderson residence of Davis’s wife, as part of an unceasing investigation targeting the fatal shooting of Shakur. The celebrated rapper saw his life cut short at the age of 25 when he was gunned down while departing a boxing match on the Las Vegas Strip. His premature demise has given rise to numerous conspiracy theories and a protracted investigation spanning decades.

During a press conference held on Friday, authorities portrayed Davis as a key conspirator in a cabal intended to assassinate Shakur, purportedly in revenge for an assault on Davis’s nephew. Davis has consistently maintained that he was present at the crime scene, even asserting that he occupied the front seat of the white Cadillac that drove up next to Shakur’s car. From the back seat of Davis’s vehicle came the fatal gunshots that claimed the rapper’s life.

The homicide lieutenant of the local police department, Jason Johansson, referred to the murder as a “retaliatory” attack, sparked by a conflict between two gangs operationally based in Compton, California. Shakur and Marion “Suge” Knight were associated with the Mob Piru gang, while Davis held an affiliation with the Southside Compton Crips.

Road to the murder night started at the MGM Grand Hotel, where both Shakur’s entourage and members of the Southside Compton Crips had gathered to witness a Mike Tyson boxing match. Post the event, the rivalry between groups of Death Row Records and Southside Compton Crips escalated, resulting in a brawl that ultimately paved way for the revenge shooting of Shakur.

Following this, the orchestrated retaliation plan took shape. Davis managed to arm himself with the help of a “close associate” and drove a white Cadillac, carrying Terrence Brown, Deandre Smith, and Orlando Anderson. Davis handed over the weapon to passengers riding in the back seat, closing in on the black BMW carrying Shakur and Knight, opened fire, and swiftly escaped the scene.

Johansson named Davis as the “shot-caller” who formulated and executed this crime. Most of the individuals allegedly associated with this crime have since deceased, including Anderson, who was killed in a 1998 gang-related shooting.

For decades, detectives had a broad sketch of the chain of events from that night but lacked adequate evidence to progress with the case. However, recent admissions by Davis provided new impetus to the investigation.

While examining Davis’s wife’s home, police confiscated a memoir authored by Davis that detailed the street gang lifestyle as well as the Shakur murder. In the memoir, he declared himself and Knight to be the last living witnesses to Shakur’s shooting.

Despite a confession made by Davis to the police in 2009, the information could not be employed due to a ‘proffer agreement’ that prevented the utilization of Davis’s self-provided information against him. Johansson reiterated that the renewed focus on the case in 2018 was likely their final chance of solving the case successfully.

Mopreme Shakur, Tupac’s stepbrother, expressed mixed feelings about the arrest of Davis, deeming it as “bittersweet”. He questioned the timing of the arrest, considering that Davis had been vocal about his involvement for years.

Tupac Shakur was born in Harlem, New York in 1971 and raised by a single mother, Afeni Shakur who was a former Black Panther member. Shakur’s influence on the music industry was both notable and vast, cutting across spheres of music, style, and culture. Despite his extraordinary career being marked with controversies including a rivalry with East Coast rapper Biggie Smalls, he used his music to eloquently express socio-political issues like racial inequality, poverty, and gang violence. Biggie Smalls was also shot and killed less than a year after Shakur’s death, a case that, like Shakur’s, remains unsolved till this date.

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