Notorious Pedophile Richard Gardner Nabbed for Casino Fraud Scheme


Richard Gardner, a notorious Rhode Island pedophile aged 56-years, is once again on his way back to the penitentiary walls from where he emerged. Not this time for his horrifying past of child kidnapping and sexual assaults, but for theft. Not just any theft but the theft of a casino rewards card which ultimately led to fraudulent gains at a popular Tiverton gambling spot.

Gardner, known to oscillate between the realms of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, had his day in court. The Kent County Superior Court eyeful of spectators watched as he pleaded nolo contendere to a multitude of charges including accessing a computer for fraudulent purposes and obtaining money under false pretenses, gaining him an additional eight years behind bars.

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Gardner’s audacious swindle involved him unlawfully obtaining and using a rewards card to leverage up to $2,000 worth of ‘free play’ credits at Bally’s Twin River. His fraudulent spree did not stop at financial gains but extended to claiming promotional gifts under a false pretense. These actions led to his surveillance-aided capture, as the actual owner of the ill-gotten card attempted to claim a rightfully earned casino reward, only to find it had been prematurely redeemed.

This revelation promoted an inquiry culminating in Garner’s identification via security footage. “Through an in-depth review of surveillance, that male was later identified to be this defendant,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Batista. Confirming the discovery, Gardner was arrested at his home, where police found a dozen more purloined loyalty cards.

Notorious for his infamous deeds in the 1980s, Gardner sowed terror into the hearts of New England residents with a grim series of unspeakable acts against children. In 1987, Gardner, then a mere lad of 21, kidnapped and violated a 12-year-old boy. While awaiting trial, Gardner repeated his repulsive acts, this time against a 10-year-old boy in Providence.

The terror continued as Gardner invaded a Warwick residence, kidnapping yet another 10-year-old boy, subjecting him to an abhorrent onslaught of sexual assaults. His degenerative behavior spiraled, leading to the abduction of a six-year-old, whom he abandoned after a 24-hour period of vile assault. Finally, Gardner’s reign of terror was brought to an end following a frenzied high-speed car chase, culminating in his capture.

Garner’s stint in prison ended in 2018, once again igniting fear amongst Providence residents. A tenacious crowd picketed outside his residence, demanding his exit from the community. As fear and animosity grew, the situation necessitated police protection costing upwards of $100k from late 2018 to February 2019, leading to yet another unfortunate chapter in the life of Richard Gardner.