Notorious Killer Sigaragh Baea Implicated in Brutal Prison Attack


Sigaragh Baea, the malefactor who touched the pinnacle of infamy with the brutal murder of his childhood friend’s mother, now finds himself in court again, implicated in a savage prison attack.

The 29-year-old Baea made an appearance at the County Court of Victoria on the first day of the week, confessing to his crimes of assaulting and causing injury to a prison official. All of this occurred amidst an unprovoked onslaught just as he was released from his confinement on February 15th of the preceding year, as evidenced by the CCTV footage showcased to the courtroom.

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Baea’s path of malevolence began when he was sentenced to a 17-year prison term for the murder of Prasad Somawansa, a 48-year-old woman residing in Hoppers Crossing in the southwest of Melbourne. This horrendous act took place merely weeks after he reestablished contact with her son, Baea’s childhood friend, and was driven by a bitter jealousy towards the serenity and warmth of their family life.

However, Baea’s prison term didn’t seal his violent instincts. In 2018, his sentence was extended by two years following his violent assault on a fellow inmate.

The court learned that Baea attacked Shay Burns and Steve Goodes, two prison guards, in response to a petty disagreement about recreational time and whether he had requested it or not. Unfortunately, his bout of rage resulted in severe injuries for Ms. Burns and less serious injuries for Mr. Goodes who were blindsided by the attack.

The aftermath of Baea’s rampage is still felt by the victims. Ms. Burns, traumatized and seriously injured, still undergoes physical therapy and psychological treatment, lamenting the loss of her love for her job. She mournfully stated that each day is now shrouded in darkness, with the terrifying sound of the assault haunting her incessantly.

Regard for Baea’s crimes was expectedly palpable via a video link, as the remorseless murderer barely reacted as he listened. His defence attorney Bethany East argued her client’s sorrow and regret over his actions, attributing it to an exaggerated response to a supposed slight. She revealed Baea’s attempted reform through counseling program enrollment in prison.

The case will face further scrutiny later this year by Judge Mark Gamble who indicated a likely extension of Baea’s non-paroled tenure. Born in Papua New Guinea, Baea’s expulsion from Australia is a certain fate post his prison release.

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