Notcoin Soars 80% Amid Market Lethargy, Ignites Crypto Enthusiasm


In a market beleaguered by lethargy, the overnight cryptocurrency sensation branded as Notcoin (NOT), which operates via the popular messaging app Telegram, has once again caught the public eye with its remarkable performance over a three-day streak. The digital currency experienced a soaring 80% increase over the weekend, offering a silver lining to investors and stimulating renewed enthusiasm among market observers regarding its short-term potential.

Just a month prior, Notcoin had stormed the cryptocurrency scene after a staggering 500% hike within a fortnight. Born as the lifeblood of an online clicker game a year ago, Notcoin began gaining substantial momentum. The project’s ascendancy was spurred on by expanded integration with Telegram and The Open Network (TON) blockchain.

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The immense success of Notcoin ignited considerable debates among investors. Many believe that the cryptocurrency has been a game-changer in the marketing and gaming spheres of Web3, forging the path for the forthcoming generation of Play-to-Earn schemes within the TON blockchain.

In a recently unveiled initiative, the project introduced the Telegram Gaming Accelerator, a groundbreaking collaboration with Helika Gaming. This partnership sets its sights on broadening the horizons of game developers who are ready and raring to ride the wave of future Telegram platform games.

Furthermore, another recent development was the launch of Notcoin Explore, a launchpad for Web3 projects within the Telegram community. With an impressive track record of kickstarting over 200 projects and engaging a whopping 22.5 million participants, Notcoin Explore was announced as a “win-win case” for both users and developers. While users get the chance to explore fresh Web3 projects and earn rewards, projects gain access to an eager audience and can be built with a community-focused approach.

This was hailed as a bullish development by many TON admirers who perceived Notcoin’s initiative as building for the network’s benefit. Yet, this isn’t all Notcoin has to offer. Even amidst a general market slowdown, Notcoin’s performance has shown striking resilience. Over the previous weekend, the digital currency rebounded from its earlier plummeting value, from a low of $0.0094 to a significantly steadier range of $0.015-$0.017.

CoinGecko data further justifies the growing optimism around NOT, as the currency has outperformed not only the broader crypto market but also similar gaming-finance tokens by 21.5%. The 80% gain has invigorated a bullish sentiment about NOT’s near and longer-term potential.

Market observers are astir with anticipation over Notcoin’s recent price action. As Altcoin Sherpa noted, NOT’s recent ascent has signaled significant potential for investors. Market watcher VikingXBT reports that NOT has shown strong support at $0.016 and a resistance at $0.02, making it seem poised for greater climbs.

In fact, World of Charts analysts confirmed NOT’s notable breakout from its previous slow phase. The analysts expect an approximately 80%-90% bullish swing, potentially hitting a new zenith of over $0.3.

As the writing of this report finalizes, NOT has not yet slowed down, currently trading at $0.01717. This performance reflects a 15.5% hike in the last 24 hours and a 21.5% increase in merely the past week.

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