Not all People are happy with a Pilot Program meant to vaccinate all Parents in Two Montreal Neighbourhood


A new pilot program announced on Wednesday will allow parents of school kids and teenagers in two Montreal neighborhoods to receive the COVID-19 vaccine soon. The parents of kids and teenagers in Cote-St-Luc and Plamondon schools will get a shot irrespective of their age or health status.

The vaccination will not consider whether the parent is young or healthy, something other people in Quebec may see as a sting in the age-based prioritization. However, the program will prevent the spread of COVID-19 variants that are soaring in the areas.

One Montreal mother whose son has a chronic heart condition does not support a plan which makes healthy and younger parents get the vaccine before her son. However, others are okay with the strategy as it will ensure they are protected amid the rising cases of variants.

Mylene Drouin, Montreal public health director, addressed the city on Thursday about the new pilot program. Drouin noted that some regions of the city see a higher concentration of cases of variants. She added that Cote-St-Luc and Plamondon’s regions have 26 percent cases.

Drouin affirmed that the goal of the pilot program is to access the result of the vaccination in two weeks and determine whether the number of new cases decreases in the hard-hit neighborhood.

The health authority in a letter, noted that the school and daycare setting is the motor for variants transmission in the two neighborhoods. The letter further requested that parents and staff members in school get a shot between 22nd March and April 4th.

Currently, Montreal is allowing those aged 65 and above to book vaccination appointments. Most of those aged 80 and above have already been vaccinated. Healthcare workers are also among groups that are not prioritized according to age sequence, along with people living in remote areas.


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