Norwegian Princess to Marry Controversial American Shaman Next Summer


The royal romance between Princess Martha Louise of Norway and her American beau, the self-proclaimed shaman Durek Verrett, inches closer to its fairy tale ending as the couple announces their wedding date. The forthcoming nuptial ceremony, slated for next summer, has received the blessings of King Harald V, who warmly welcomes Mr. Verrett into the royal fold.

Princess Martha Louise, last year, relinquished her royal responsibilities to immerse herself in the alternative medicine business – a venture co-led by her fiance. Mr. Verrett, a promoter of unconventional and unverified medical practices, has conjured controversy by suggesting cancer as a choice and peddling online medallions, allegedly protective against Covid-19. Adding her mystical beliefs to the mix, Princess Martha Louise professes the ability to converse with angels.

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The couple, engaged since June 2022, garnered the king’s approval as they publicly disclosed their betrothal. King Harald and the Queen extended their joy, expressing excitement for Mr. Verrett’s inclusion in the family and anticipating the grandeur of their wedding celebration.

Against the picturesque backdrop of Geiranger, a quaint Norwegian town neighbored by a fjord distinguished as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the couple will exchange their vows. Ecstatic with the chosen location, they envision an intimate gathering of loved ones amidst ancient history and breathtaking scenery.

According to reports from the Norwegian State broadcaster, NRK, Mr. Verrett will be welcomed into the royal family without an accompanying title, following his relocation to Norway. The Hollywood guru, known as a ‘6th Generation Shaman,’ garnered attention with claims of having resurrected from the dead and foreseeing the devastating 9/11 attacks in the United States, some two years prior. Additionally, Mr. Verrett, who is African-American, acknowledges that his beliefs may ruffle feathers, insisting that the criticism he encounters stems from racial prejudice.

The spotlight has lingered on Princess Martha Louise for years owing to her association with alternative treatments, most notably for creating a school purposed to help individuals “connect with their angels.” While emphasizing the importance of research-backed knowledge, she stands firm in her belief that alternative medicine serves as a vital complement to mainstream medical approaches.

Amidst allegations of wielding her royal title for competitive advantage, the princess withdrew from her ‘patronage role,’ in a move that further delineates the activities of the royal house from her own. The palace confirmed these decisions in a communique last November. The king retains her royal title but she has agreed to abstain from using it for business purposes.

In the chapters of her past, Princess Martha Louise was married to writer Ari Behn. Their marital bond ended in divorce in 2017. Tragically, Mr. Behn, who battled depression, ended his life on Christmas Day, 2019.

Princess Martha Louise is the eldest offspring of King Harald. Her younger sibling, Crown Prince Haakon, is poised to ascend the throne following his father’s reign.

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