North Korea Amasses $3 Billion via Cryptocurrency Cyberattacks


In what could be described as a sophisticated financial offensive, North Korea has reportedly orchestrated a sweeping series of cyberattacks on cryptocurrency firms, amassing approximately $3 billion in stolen assets. This disclosure comes from an unpublished report by a panel of independent sanctions monitors appointed by the United Nations. Despite persistent international sanctions, the reclusive Asian nation has not only continued but also expanded its nuclear capabilities, producing more fissile materials and perpetrating a dynamic array of missile tests.

The advancing nuclear endeavors included the development of a tactical nuclear attack submarine and the ambitious launch of a satellite into orbit. The sanctions monitors indicated a spree of 58 suspected cyber intrusions, spanning the years from 2017 to 2023, which have significantly contributed to the funding of North Korea’s formidable weapons of mass destruction programs.

These hacking expeditions, as asserted by the UN report, are believed to be the craftsmanship of operatives working for the Reconnaissance General Bureau, North Korea’s foremost intelligence establishment. The intelligence shared in the report revealed a worrying pattern of North Korean cyber criminals extending their focus to encompass defense companies and their supply networks, prompting fears of an increased threat to global cybersecurity.

The sharing of infrastructure and cyber tools with other malign actors, alongside the alleged distribution of conventional weapons, shines a spotlight on North Korea’s blatant disregard for the sanctions imposed upon it. With China and Russia leaning toward the relaxation of penalties in hopes of coaxing the nation back to the table for denuclearization discussions, the impending public release of the UN’s detailed report is awaited with great anticipation.

Russian and North Korean promises to reinforce military ties further complicate the geopolitical landscape, despite both nations denying any transgressions related to weapon exchanges. The UN document reveals a country emerging with vigor from the shackles of the COVID-19 pandemic, as indicated by a spike in trade activity in 2023 compared to the previous year. Trade recovery signs are substantiated by the reemergence of foreign goods within its borders, including those deemed luxury items that contravene the Security Council’s stringent sanctions.

Moreover, the prying eyes of the UN monitors have unveiled several cases where North Korean labor, employed across various sectors overseas, is in direct violation of international sanctions. This income is reported to funnel directly into state coffers. North Korea, unabashed and undeterred, maintains its links to the global financial system, engaging in prohibited financial maneuvers that brazenly flout the resolutions laid out by the UN Security Council.


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