North Carolina Embraces Online Sports Betting Era


As North Carolina bursts onto the scene of online sports betting, the palpable excitement in the air is akin to that of a sold-out arena anticipating a buzzer-beating shot. The official launch on Monday, March 11, strategically timed with the advent of March Madness, heralds a momentous occasion for sports fans and bettors alike. The NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments offer a thrilling backdrop to an industry that promises to enthrall and entertain the residents of the Tar Heel State.

At the vanguard of this pioneering venture into the digital realms of sports wagering was none other than Governor Roy Cooper. With a sense of ceremony and the weight of the state’s aspirations in his actions, Cooper placed a symbolic initial wager of $100 on the Carolina Panthers—a hopeful prospect for the 2024 Stanley Cup—a gesture marking the dawn of a new era. It was an image steeped with optimism as captured by the governor’s office, underscoring the monumental potential this initiative holds.

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The figures in the days following this ceremonious bet tell a compelling tale of success and promise. GeoComply, the geolocation company assigned to monitor online activity, recorded an astounding number of more than 5.3 million checks within the first 48 hours. This voluminous accounting provides a vivid illustration of the enthusiasm with which North Carolinians have greeted online sports betting, eclipsing Virginia’s early records and positioning North Carolina as a formidable presence in the regional market.

The anticipation surrounding the NCAA tournament, a veritable juggernaut of betting in the United States, parallels the sentiments of the market experts and state officials. The forward-thinking approach taken by the legislators and the rigorous structures in place for regulating the industry not only nurture a safe and responsible environment for consumers but also pave the way for substantial revenue generation. It’s a horizon ripe with opportunity—as emphasized by Lindsay Slader, GeoComply’s SVP of Compliance, who lauds the early success and envisions a crescendo of activity with the NCAA hoopla just around the corner.

North Carolina’s gravitation towards online sports betting has orchestrated a full-court press from sportsbooks nationwide. With the state becoming the 30th territory to embrace this digital form of wagering, the market saw eight sportsbook operators, each paying a significant licensing fee, launching their platforms eagerly on March 1. Among the early trends observed by BetMGM, the fervor for the University of North Carolina was unmistakable, emerging as the most popular choice to clinch March Madness, underscoring the blend of loyalty and hope within the region’s bettors.

The enactment of sports betting legislation mandated shrewd affiliations, thereby ensuring a collaborative ecosystem between operators and local sports teams, venues, or Native American tribes. This intricate web of partnerships stretches across the Carolinas, encompassing a diverse array of institutions—from the Charlotte Hornets, the proverbial pride of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, to the venerated greens of Sedgefield Country Club connected with the PGA Tour.

The 18% tax imposed on these operators funnels back into a spectrum of beneficial state programs, illustrating a model of sustainable and responsible growth. Navigating this new terrain, North Carolina eyes a bright future, one where health services, youth sports, academic scholarships, and addiction support go hand-in-hand with the exuberance of online betting.

The symbiosis between sports and betting is undeniable, and as North Carolinians navigate through the thrilling junction of excitement and responsibility, the broader context of online gaming extends its vast allure. Enthusiasts who have explored the landscape of sports betting might find themselves curious to venture further into the realm of online casinos. At West Island Blog, we understand this intrigue.

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