Nonbinary Singer Nemo Triumphs in Eurovision, Marks Historic Win for Switzerland


As the sun dipped below Zurich’s skies on a recent Sunday, Switzerland hummed with anticipation. Their triumphant standard bearer, Nemo, was set to return to his homeland having emerged victorious in the fiercely competitive 68th Eurovision Song Contest. The singer had secured the crown with his operatic pop-rap track “The Code,” an anthemic ode to his personal journey to embrace a nonbinary identity.

Even though the Swiss-born Nemo currently resides in Berlin, his forthcoming touchdown in Zurich was confirmed by national broadcaster SRF, sparking a sense of euphoria across his country of birth.

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In an epic showdown, Nemo out-sung Croatian rocker Baby Lasagna, securing a victory based on complex scoring from national juries and international viewers. The score announced a watershed moment as Nemo, aged 24, became the first nonbinary winner for a contest that has been invariably considered a haven for the LGBTQ community. Furthermore, Nemo’s win marked Switzerland’s triumphant return to the winner’s podium since Celine Dion’s 1988 win under the same flag.

In the wake of his victory, during a press conference, Nemo spoke with pride and gratitude, dedicating his victory to those courageous souls ‘daring to be themselves’ and emphasizing the need for compassion and empathy, words that were met with widespread applause.

Back home, his birthplace of Biel, a quaint town seated about 60 miles southwest of Basel on the shores of Lake Biel, prepared a grand reception for their newly-crowned local hero. The town, known for being home to sixty thousand residents, a bastion of bilingual culture, and Switzerland’s premium watchmaking hub, expressed its unfathomable pride online. They promised a celebration to honor Nemo for the laurels the singer brought to his town and his country.

In a testament to Nemo’s cross-genre appeal, Nemo Mettler, as he is fully known, outperformed contestants from 24 nations. Impressing an estimated 180 million viewers worldwide, along with a live audience of thousands, the contestants had just three minutes each to win hearts with their musical performances that spanned a multitude of genres.

Meanwhile, the land of the Alps began to look ahead. As the home nation of the Eurovision victor, Switzerland is set to host the contest next year, following an established tradition. Cities like Geneva, Basel, and St. Gallen have thrown their hats in the ring to host the next edition of the contest, setting the stage for another exciting showdown.

Nemo’s adopted city Berlin was unsurprisingly brimming with pride at his success. The singer had previously sung praises of the German city’s ceaseless creativity. Meanwhile, in Croatia, thousands flooded the streets of Zagreb to hail their runner-up, Baby Lasagna, marking a display of unshaken pride despite their missed victory.

While Switzerland rejoices and basks in Nemo’s resounding victory, it’s evident that Eurovision 2022 – a stage that witnesses a grand clash of cultures, voices, and dreams, will be eagerly waited for.