Noel Alexander, Leader Of Montréal’s Black Community, Dies Aged 87


Noel Alexander, born outside of Montreal, came to the city and made it his home. He is remembered as being outspoken, but still had time to lend an ear to those in need, says one of the people he mentored.

Alexander, who has served as the president of the Jamaica Association of Montreal dies aged 87.

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He is remembered for his activist agenda against police brutality and to secure fair treatment for black Montrealers.

Born in England, and trained as a welder, he came to Canada in the 70s, and has served as head of the association for the last 34 years.

Alexander not only fought for the rights of Black Montrealer, but also helped build bridges between the people and police.

In 2015, he was honoured by the national assembly for his efforts to better the lives of Black Montrealers.

Apart from his own daily projects, he is remembered by many as having strived for larger goals, including mentoring young people to learn to speak up.

Alexander is survived by wife Molly Young and Children.