No More Online Learning, Books, Teacher Or Masks In Class As Unusual English Language School Year Ends


The school year is coming to an end for a majority of English-language schools this Wednesday. What is more interesting, and the reason my learners are excited is that they won’t have to worry about online learning, books or face masks.

For a select few students, the close of the school year also brings with it a permanent change. The principal of Bancroft, Dorothy Ostrowicz, is headed for retirement after more than four decades in the teaching profession.

She said the last few days have been bitter-sweet. She said that she has been with Bancroft for the last 12 years and they have had a few challenges.

This was a year many will not be forgetting anytime soon.

A grade four teacher, Donna Perlin, said it is the first year she can recall that kids have wanted to be back in school.

At another school, the scene is almost the same as learners say their goodbyes. The graduating students were interviewed then walked down a red carpet; a ceremony worthy of note as it has been a tough year.


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