No Clear Downward Trajectory for Alberta to move to Step 3 of COVID-19 Reopening Plan


Tyler Shandro on Monday said that the province wouldn’t be moving to the third step of the COVID-19 reopening plan. The decision was reached after the Cabinet’s COVID-19 committee met and decided not to shift to the fourth step of reopening the province.

Shandro noted that moving to step three can only be done if the province hospitalization due to COVID drop to 300 and below. However, hospitalization in the province is below 300; however, that is an increase from the previous week, which makes moving from the third to step three difficult.

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Shandro said that the increased number is a warning sign to the province. He added that the province expects 300 people in hospital-based on the transmission rates in a week to come.

“The will be no easing of any restrictions at this time. This is the safe move; it’s the smart move to make for our province right now, and it’s absolutely necessary to help us avoid a third wave that would take more lives and once again put more pressure on the hospital system”.

On Monday, the province also reported 456 deaths, 110 new cases and 6, 176 active cases. The region also confirmed that 1 691 cases involved the UK variant.

The minister further reiterated that the decision was appropriate to protect further pressure on the health care system. He added that the path to moving forward is making good decisions based on evidence. Shandro noted that the vaccine is the way out of the pandemic, but they are not coming quickly enough and in a large amount.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, the province chief medical officer of health, also joined Shandro, who also reiterated the need to take actions that important in ensuring the safety of communities.

“I have put a great deal of thought into the message that I want to give Albertans today. Every one of us must understand that our actions have powers and how crucial it is that we all make choices that protect our communities over coming weeks”.

The minister further said that there is no specific date for moving to step 3. He affirmed the prudent thing, for now, is to be to holding the moving to step 3 while they continue to monitor the situation.