Nicki Minaj’s Manchester Concert Postponed After Drug Bust in Netherlands


In a surprising twirl of events, a concert by renowned hip-hop genius Nicki Minaj, scheduled for Saturday night in Manchester, England, was abruptly postponed. This came about because police in the Netherlands claimed to have discovered marijuana in her luggage as she was poised to depart the country.

The concert was introduced by Live Nation. Although it was not performed as scheduled, the promoters assured fans they should not be disheartened. They promised the performance will be rearranged to another date, and all purchased tickets will still be valid.

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They elaborated their regret with an official statement: “Despite Nicki’s most sincere endeavors to probe every conceivable route to ensure the concert could go on, it has been rendered impossible due to today’s unexpected happenings.”

Minaj took to Twitter earlier in the day expressing frustration and disbelief at being halted at Amsterdam’s airport. She had been on the verge of boarding her designated plane to Manchester for the concert. According to her, the police informed her they’d found marijuana in her bags. As procedure dictates, the cannabis would have to be weighed. While possession and use of cannabis is a grey area in the Netherlands, the substance is not strictly legal, but there is considerable toleration towards moderate recreational use.

Robert Van Kapel, the spokesperson for the Netherlands military police, confirmed that a 41-year-old American woman had been detained for exporting “soft drugs.” Van Kapel chose to omit the woman’s identity and did not elucidate on the specific classification of the confiscated drugs. Police later conveyed via Twitter that the woman had been fined and then released.

Minaj, coincidentally also being 41, speculated on Twitter that the real motive behind this incident was a ploy to delay her arrival and potentially scandalize her concert in Manchester. Chiming in familiar Minaj sass and spirit, she tweeted with defiance: “Told you, it’s to try to make me late so that they can write negative stories. Jealousy is a disease. You know the rest.” All prompts for further comments sent to her representatives have been met with silence so far.

Minaj, originally from Trinidad, burst onto the music scene with hits like “Super Freaky Girl,” “Anaconda,” and “Starships,” Plus, she boasts of having garnered twelve Grammy nominations over her eminent career. The thwarted Manchester concert was one part of her “Pink Friday 2” world tour, with other tour locations including Paris, Poland, Germany, Romania and Switzerland.