Nick Carter Fights Back: Disputes Minor Assault Claim


Nick Carter, member of the renowned musical group Backstreet Boys, has recently addressed allegations accusing him of past sexual misconduct involving a minor. The Las Vegas-based singer has vehemently disputed these claims, asserting that the intercourse in question was entirely consensual. Court documents filed last week revealed Carter’s position in response to the allegations; however, these same documents also included a startling revelation—that Nick’s brother, Aaron Carter, was likewise implicated in engaging sexually with the claimant.

The woman bringing forth the allegations, known in the documents as A.R., alleges that 20 years ago, Nick Carter assaulted her onboard his yacht when she was just 15 years old and pressured her into silence regarding the ordeal. Her lawsuit was officially lodged this past August, claiming the encounters occurred in 2003. Despite these accusations, Carter contends that A.R. had informed him she was of legal age during the incident.

In accordance with Carter’s legal filings, law enforcement declined to pursue an investigation into the matter once A.R. declared she was 18 at the time of the alleged assault. However, A.R.’s legal complaint paints a drastically different picture, one where she accuses Carter of intentionally intoxicating her with alcohol and drugs during the encounter on his yacht, further alleging that Carter transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) to her—a claim he categorically denies.

The echo of these accusations has been magnified with the emergence of a second lawsuit filed by Shannon “Shay” Ruth in December 2022. Ruth’s claim outlines a similar narrative, in which Carter is accused of providing her with alcohol and sexually assaulting her when she was underage, with subsequent threats to remain silent. Carter stands firm on his innocence, maintaining that he has no recollection of even meeting Ruth and staunchly denies all allegations of sexual impropriety and assault that have arisen against him.

Adding another dimension to the plethora of accusations, Carter was also accused by Melissa Schuman, a member of the girl group Dream, of sexual assault in an incident dated back to 2003—a claim to which Carter responds that their interactions were also consensual.

In defense against the mounting allegations, Carter’s legal team has labeled the accusers as “opportunists” seeking notoriety at the detriment of Carter’s reputation. Lamenting the collateral damage that the allegations have caused, they point to an estimated financial loss exceeding $2.3 million, citing canceled promotional engagements, lost endorsements, and a scrapped television project due to the fallout from the surrounding negative publicity.

Prior to his marriage, Carter was noted for high-profile relationships with celebrities like Debra Lafave, Willa Ford, and Paris Hilton. However, he has since settled down and is now married to fitness trainer Lauren Michelle Kitt.


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