NHL Star Morgan Rielly Swaps Hockey for Golf to Support Special Olympics Event


In a significant display of sportsmanship and camaraderie, National Hockey League trailblazer, Morgan Rielly, temporarily swapped ice for green when he substituted his hockey gear for a set of golf clubs. This event took place in Muskoka as he stepped up to co-host the inaugural Motionball Forty Fore Fall Classic, an initiative organized to bolster the Special Olympics.

Rielly has a well-documented history with Motionball spanning several years, during which he has forged authentic relationships with the athletes, endeavoring to secure financial support for the Special Olympics. It is a cause that holds significant importance in his heart.

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However, Rielly found himself in good company. Other teammates from the Leafs also joined in on the action. The prospects of winning this tournament were particularly exciting for Rielly, especially as he was joined by esteemed teammates like Sam Lafferty, Auston Matthews, and Mitch Marner. These distinguished athletes were part of the 120 golfers who rocked the stage at Port Carling.

Ryan Colpitts, a seasoned Special Olympics athlete with 16 years under his belt and a decade of involvement with Motionball spoke highly of the organization. According to him, Motionball ensures the Special Olympics exudes inclusiveness. The organization hosts a plethora of tournaments and sports marathons, providing athletes a platform to showcase their talents and meet a variety of influencers and potential sponsors.

On his part, Motionball’s chairman and co-founder, Paul Etherington, emphasized that the tournament’s primary focus was the Olympic athletes, rather than the highest scorer. He expressed his hopes of witnessing the athletes make the national team within a four-year mark. The recently held, fully booked event proved to be a monumental success, as it assembled golfers to pit their skills against Special Olympians and the Leafs’ ace players.

On the question of who was the best golfer amongst them, Rielly gave a candid breakdown. Auston Matthews, an Arizona native with a good deal of golfing experience took the spotlight. Sam Lafferty secured the second place while Rielly placed himself third and Mitch Marner took the last rank, to be called upon when needed.

Damon Sutherland, another golfer at the event, expressed enjoyment at witnessing the Leafs stars perform outside their usual spectrum and on the golfing turf. Lending his voice to the opinions of others, Ryan Colpitts, a staunch Leafs fan expressed his hope and belief in the team’s success in the upcoming season, largely due to their impressive golf performance. He opined that the golf swing pattern bore similarity to their hockey swing, and their commendable golfing revealed positive prospects for their hockey season.